kmAnywhere 2005 Std

kmAnywhere 2005 Std

kmAnywhere is a seriouly intergrated personal infomation manager,...

kmAnywhere is a seriouly intergrated personal infomation manager, to help you surf and work much more efficient. In addition, kmAnywhere is portable.

It could be installed onto any USB mobile disk and upgrade your storage device into portable PC instantly. Five major modules: notebooks, browser, email, contacts and timesheet, to help you deal with the barrage of electronic information anywhere and anytime.

Favoites, RSS channels, internet account and password, message, address book, photo, mp3 music, office files, pdf. all you needed to work online/offline are well managed in hand and ready TO GO.

It also includes built-in html web page editor. Try this seriously integrated tool to boost productivity and have much more fun when surf internet.

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